Sex Therapy for Men - Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sexual Therapy
Struggling to maintain a
healthy sex life?

Humiliation. Anger. Sadness. Failure. Sexual frustration.

These are just some of the feeling that sexual dysfunction and relationship difficulties can bring into a man’s life.

We understand the struggles that a man faces and we are uniquely qualified to help men reclaim their sex lives relationships.

Sex therapy has been proven effective in treating sexual issues even when medication does not work. We know you can get talk therapy anywhere, so we offer more.

At Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sex Therapy, we offer a holistic approach to sex therapy for men utilizing mediation, mindfulness, and psychotherapy techniques uniquely design for your individual issue.

If you are a man between 18-60 years of age, experiencing any of the following issues, we can help you.

  • Having trouble getting or maintaining an erection and medication like Viagra does not seem to work.
  • Suffering from premature ejaculation.
  • Compulsive sexual behaviors that are adversely affecting your life and relationships like excessive use of pornography.
  • Embarrassment about a part of your body that leaves you feeling uncomfortable being nude with your partner.
  • Feel shame, guilt, or anxiety about aspects of your sexuality lifestyle, orientation, gender, desires, and fantasies, or those of your partners.
  • Sexual encounters seem disconnected, shallow, and unfulfilling.
  • Struggling to regain trust after an infidelity.
  • Feeling tense or anxious during sex causing you to feel disconnected, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled even after you orgasm.
  • Lost attraction or passion for your partner.
  • Experienced a trauma that is preventing you from moving forward in your life.
  • Having difficulty trusting or being emotionally intimate.
  • Your sex drive is much higher or lower than your partner’s, causing trouble in your relationship.
  • Been the victim of sexual or domestic violence.
  • Single and struggling to develop meaningful relationship.

Sex therapy for men - Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sex Therapy


At the Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sex Therapy, we will work with you to regain your sexuality and develop a satisfying sex life for you and your partner. Sex therapy for men can help you:

  • Accept all parts of yourself, your body, and your sexuality in order to improve your self-confidence both in and out of the bedroom.
  • Repair your relationship with yourself and your partner/s by improving communication, pleasure, and understanding.
  • Teaching you various techniques to improve performance, increase sensitivity, reduce anxiety, control ejaculation, and improve your overall sexual experience.
  • Develop a healthier, more accepting, and realistic, and enjoyable view of sex and relationships.
  • Resolve traumas that are preventing from enjoying or moving forward in you life.
  • Regain trust and security in your relationship even after an infidelity.
  • Develop skills to relax and enjoy sex rather fearing your performance.
  • Develop methods to contain or increase sexual desire.
  • Help resolve issue with mood and anxiety that are interfering in your relationship or everyday life, including anger management.

Find out more about how sex therapy for men can start improving your life both in and out of the bedroom, by building confidence, and enjoying healthier, stronger relationships today!

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