Sex Therapy for Women - Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sexual Therapy
Is something holding
you back from an
enjoyable sex life?

At the Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sexual Therapy, we understand that not all problems in the bedroom are medical issues, but all sexual dysfunction affects our psychology.

The fears that source from sexual dysfunction create a terrible emotional burden that can take a toll on you and your relationship. Sex therapy can help, by teaching you techniques to reclaim your sexuality and passion.

Sex therapy for women covers a wide range of issues that go beyond intercourse

At the Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sexual Therapy we go beyond traditional talk therapy with a holistic approach that includes psychotherapy, meditation, and mindfulness techniques.


Do you experience any of the following issues?

  • Vaginal or Vulva Pain during sexual activity.
  • Compulsive sexual behaviors.
  • Low or no sexual desire.
  • Feel distracted, anxious or tense during sex .
  • Feel sex is sinful, dirty, bad, or harmful.
  • Feel disconnected and distant from your partner
  • Being sexual only to please your partner/s but not yourself
  • You feel uncomfortable nude or struggle with your body image.
  • You have never had an orgasm alone or with a partner.
  • Feel uncomfortable with sexual desires or fantasies you or your partner have .
  • Single and struggling to find a partner or develop a meaningful relationships.
  • Struggle with intimacy with your partner/s .
  • You are a victim of trauma or sexual violence.

Sex therapy for women - Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sex Therapy
At the Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sex Therapy, we help you regain a pleasurable and happy life both in and out of the bedroom. Sex therapy for women can help you overcome your difficulties by:

  • Learning to accept all parts of yourself so you can feel more self-confident both in and out the bedroom.
  • Teaching you techniques to help reduce pain or tension, increase sensitivity and pleasure during sexual activity.
  • Helping you discover and accept your sexuality and desires.
  • Helping you repair your relationship with your partner/partners.
  • Developing a healthy, realistic and enjoyable view of sex and your own sexuality.
  • Improving communication skills, self acceptance, and emotional expression
  • Helping you resolve traumas that are preventing you from moving forward or enjoy your life and sexuality.

We believe in the healing power of pleasure and we will work to restore the pleasure and love back in your life.

Find out more about how sex therapy can help you build a more passionate, loving, emotionally connected, and stronger relationship!

Thank you for everything, you’ve made my life so much calmer.

-CHMHST Female Patient

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